Who are we?

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international, non-profit, educational organization dedicated to recreating the best of the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras (pre-1600). Participants learn about the time period by studying and enjoying various arts and sciences, such as history, culture, music, dance, mock combat, archery, armoring, heraldry, embroidery, costuming, calligraphy, food and drink, and many other things.

The Shire of Beau Fort is a local chapter centered in the city of Gainesville, Georgia and a member of the Southeast Regional chapter known as the Kingdom of Meridies.

This Shire gets together for monthly populace meetings, at least monthly classes, bi-monthly fighter practices, as well as events around the Kingdom and Known World. Anyone is welcome to attend any of these activities, and paid membership is not required, though it will save one from having to pay the non-member surcharge at events.

An attempt at pre-17th century garb (clothing) is required when attending events. The other activities are all come-as-you-are. Shire members are always willing to help newcomers whether it be teaching a new skill, helping with that first outfit, making introductions, or whatever is needed.

The Society maintains a Newcomer’s Portal which offer a variety of information for those interested in exploring more about the Society.