Shire’s Favorite Links

Shire’s Favorite Links

Some members of the Shire share their favorite links on a variety of topics:


Check the Newcomer’s page for information on being a newcomer to SCA and The Shire of Beau Fort.


General Information* – Looking for a historical example or image. Want to know how jesters dressed? Pelicans in medieval are? Blacksmiths at their trade?… check out contents relating to the Middle Ages and Renaissance* – A general interest page for this interested in the SCA and the European Middle Ages and Renaissance

Both have a bazillion links to all kinds of SCA-relevant subjects. Lovely places to lose an hour or two. They are both fantastic resources.* – Effigies & Brasses: Database & Image Collection


Name Research* – The Academy of Saint Gabriel is a group of around 50 volunteers who research medieval names and armory. Their primary purpose is to assist members of medieval re-enactment groups like the SCA to find historically accurate medieval names and coats of arms.


Furniture* – Has plans for some different pieces of flat pack camping furniture that look period


Clothing* the place to buy linen fabric! sign up today and get e-mail coupons!


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